A Deeper But Blurred Step in True Love


A Deeper But Blurred Step in True Love.

Still, on the true love story of Gina and Gin, let’s listen to this third episode.

Things really got rough on Gin’s part, that in his second year of high school he had to drop out. His father could not make it for the two of them since his sister Grace started her first year in high school. They decided Gin should trade on fruits; buying and selling fruits. He went to the Farmers’ market, bought enough fruits, took them to the stores, and sold them. He made very little profit, though. Gina added some money to the small capital his father gave him to trade with.

Gin and Gina scarcely meet as often as they did before because Gin had dropped out of school, however, they met at least once a week either on their way to the store or when they were coming back. Gin was going to drop some fruits at the store that afternoon. On the way, he contemplated whether he would be fortunate to meet Gina on the way.


Just of a sudden, Gina called out from behind, “Gin please, wait for me, I’m coming.” Gin turned, saw her coming, and then waited. “Ooh! Let me help you with some of those. You must be very tired.” She said.” Don’t border, Gina, the store is not far from here. Gina insisted, taking the basket of fruits from one of his arms, then held the hand as they moved along.

A type of current wave ran through Gin as Gina held his hand. He felt relieved and told her he missed her, school, and the nice times they usually had to talk and laugh and had fun.

Gina shacked his hands and said, There you go again, always saying you miss things. At least we are here now and we will always meet and talk and enjoy each other’s company. I must have lied if I say I had been very good without you in school. There is no one I talked with as deeply as we did.

Squeezing her hand Gin said, “neverminded, as you rightly said, we are here now and are happy. Aren’t we?

Gina answered aloud, skipping with arms up, ” we are!” They both laughed, squeezing both hands.


At the store, Gin handed the fruits over to the storekeeper, and as they were beating the price Gina moved around and picked up the goodies she needed. Gin collected the money from his sales and joined Gina. They hurriedly got what Gina wanted, and left the store. A few meters away, Gin pressed the money he got firmly into Gina’s right hand and asked her to count it.

Gina, surprised, laughed and asked him whether he had suddenly forgotten counting just a few months out from school.

Gin’s intention was to give some to Gina though he hadn’t big capital. He said after counting you can keep it for me.

Gina could not stop smiling and swinging his hand forth and back, staring at him even as they walked on their way home. He teased Gina again by saying, “Let’s be careful, Gina, lest someone see us holding hands and then report to your parents.”

“Okay, when and where do you think someone would not see us,” Gina asked.

“We can meet today or tomorrow at the park, but don’t forget our avocado tree right there. We need to take a rest there.” Gin reminded her.

“Let me see, my dad usually goes for sports for one and half hours, that is from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. We can meet, say, a quarter after 4:00 and then part at 5:00 p.m, if convenient for you. Gina explains.

“Sure,” Gin confirmed.


As they drew closer to the avocado tree, Gina ran and hid behind it. Gin started chasing her round and round until he held her from behind, pressed her on his chest, and held her two hands in front. They stood breathing fast and smiling. They maintain that position for about two minutes while they talk.

It was then that Gin whispered right in Gina’s ears, explaining his present condition, how things were still difficult and he was thinking of doing something else not around. He told Gina that he would discuss more with her when she comes to the park the next day.

Gina listened keenly till he was done, then complained she can’t see his face since she was facing forward. Gin turned her around and they looked at each other, smiling sincerely.

Gina started feeling she might miss her good friend; but agreed she would hear more from him at the park the next day. She reminded Gin, that it was time for them to start going home. It was a minute to 5:00 p.m. her Dad would be home soon. Gin agreed and let Gina off his hands, but as she started to go, he called her, “Gina please.” Gina stopped and turned, expecting to hear more.

He came closer, and held her hands again, “I, I’ll, I’m, oh sorry. I just wanted to remind you again of our meeting tomorrow, it’s important.” He struggled to say, his hands trembling in Gina’s.

Gina felt ghost pimples around her head, shoulders, and hands. They stared at each other for about fifteen seconds.

Then Gina said, “Yes Gin, I heard you.”

Gin Contemplated whether to kiss her and say he loved her but was discouraged as he visualized her background. He just said, “Okay, good night.” And hugged her. It was the first time he did this.

Gina gave him a surprised look, though she enjoyed the hug. Pulling herself gently from him, she said gently, “Bye” and left with a run. Gin waved bye too, quite satisfied.

The next day, as planned, Gin was first at the park. The weather was good, not too hot nor too cold. The sun had shunned all day and was about to set. Its warmth was still well felt. He moved the last swing at the edge of the lawn. There he was seated waiting for Gina. That was supposed to be their fifth time being there since he drop out of school. He stare from time to time in the direction Gina would come. Soon he was distracted by thoughts of how he would receive Gina.

After a few seconds, he lifted up his head again and looked, their eyes caught up. Gina was already close, he jumped up and moved towards her. They met about three meters from the swing. With his arms widely opened, he hugged Gina. They both smiled at each other. Gin told her he was so excited to meet her. She smiled and shook her head as they moved back to sit on the swing. Before Gina lowered herself to sit on the swing. Gin called out, “Gina, please excuse me,” Then moving closer to her, he gave her a short kiss and stared at her straight in the eyes, smiling.

Gina stared too surprisingly for a short while, then said, “I hope you don’t want to play bad boy here? They both laughed as they sat on the swing.

Gina said, “Okay, I’m all ears. Can you start telling me your new story?”


Gin hoped she would not be mad at him, and held her hands first before commencing. ” My father informed me that he has spoken with his brother in the city who is a mechanic and dealer in car spare parts. They agreed that I could go stay with him and while helping him in his business, I’ll also learn all the techniques in it. So, as it is, I might be leaving the village soon to stay with him. I’m afraid this might take a long time and might affect our friendship which I cherished a lot. Since I got the news, I’ve got mixed feelings. I think it’s good to go and fight for my future but at the same time I would be missing out on many things, one being our companionship. I feel bad about this because I love that we live always together even though I don’t know how since your parents seem they might never approve of our relationship. Oh my gosh, I am just confused.

“Shii!” Gina stopped him with her finger on his mouth and said, the idea was a good one but wanted to know what would happen in the long run and when he would leave the neighborhood.

Gin explained they had planned he would be leaving in five days. That if all goes well, he shall one day run the same business. He said his father and uncle had agreed that he would be learning and working at the same time in the business, but without pay for now. He would only pay him when he must have got the skills well by opening his own business place.

Gina shouted an “Amen” to what he had said and prayed his dream would come true. She added that maybe that was the end of their friendship.

Gin tapped her by the hand, frowned, and warned her never to say that again.

She smiled, tapped back, and said, “That was just a joke.

Gin stared straight into her eyes and told her he can never forget her, then bending slowly, He kissed her again on the cheek. Gina, with mixed feelings, smiled and asked him whether the kiss was a confirmation of what he just said.

“Sure”, he responded. “But my only fear is your parents.”

tempted to hold her firm in a deep kiss but controlled himself and gently lashed out another sweet short kiss on her forehead. Gina responded this time with a gentle smooth one on his cheek, aiming just to console him.

“Well, we keep praying and leave everything in God’s hands. Gina said. It’s true Dad and mom are too strict with me because they think they are of a higher class and expect their daughter to get involved with a friend of their class, but I don’t think I see with them, though I can’t fight or disobey them, anyway, I still have hope that by God’s grace anything things can be possible”


Gin was so touched by her statement and sincerely told her he loved her so dearly but many factors are like a kind of hindrance, making it difficult for him to come out fully to declare it. That his poor state and Gina’s rich background were like putting their worlds apart, but his feelings for her are genuine that he doesn’t think any other woman can steal.

Gina just smiled at what he said and was quiet.

“O my God!” Gin exclaimed.

“Are you okay?” Gina inquired. “Everything seems complicated Gina, my going to the city, seems to worsen things out. I don’t feel like leaving you but I just have to.”

Gina rubbed his hands up to his elbow and asked him to forget the past and look forward, trusting God. With a weak smile, he stared at her, was Happy but reluctantly, she requested Gin permit her to leave. It was getting to 5:00 p.m. She got up but Gin was reluctant to stand too. She held him by his hands and helped him up. They were to Trek at least ten minutes before separating.

On the way Gin reminded Gina several times of her goodness, thanking her severally too. Gina told him she loved his company. They both agreed to meet at their famous avocado tree in five days to bid farewell before Gin leaves the next day.

At her junction, Gina said, “Bye now, see you.” She tried to separate her hand from Gin’s but he would not let her. She understood what he wanted. Of course, she loves it too. She moved closer and before she gave Gin a short kiss, he had lavished two sweet ones on her cheek and lips. She took a deep breath and vanished.

That night Gina thought and reflected on what Gin and herself are going through. She concluded secretly in her heart that should she miss Gin as a life partner, she would live the rest of her life single.

Gin on his part kept thinking of Gina, all her care, help, concern, and above all, her simplicity and open-heartedness towards him. He did not see any girl in their school or neighborhood to compare her with. He said to himself, ” I don’t think I can find one better than Gina anywhere, in the city either.”

Love ties continued to grow tighter though the world separates.

Amazing, as we have all heard, Love ties continued to grow tighter though the world separates. A deeper step has once more been taken in their love relationship. From broad smiles to holding hands, they moved to hugs, then went forth to experience their first short kisses. They doubted where this shall lead them, but they enjoyed it anyway. Only God knows what would happen to Gin and Gina from this time on.

Let’s continue to follow the next episodes of this wonderful true love story of Gina and Gin. Meanwhile if you have not yet followed the previous episodes, check on them.


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